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     Garden meditations during an
      unusually hot English Summer
     Panting dogs lie prone,                      
     Birds make gargantuan gapes                        
     Gasping for cool air.                            
     Fishes, pouting from the pond,              
     Blow kisses to damsel flies.    
     On clear gauzy wings,                            
     Dragonflies and lacewings skim              
     Round water lilies'                            
     Centres of sensual hues                      
     Succulent nectar.                    
     Bees suck drowsily                            
     In the magic tents bequeathed                    
     By the bell vine blooms.                                          
     And I?  I spend dreamy hours
     Sitting among the flowers.
   Spectre with a Hood
   Most days I see him, the spectre with a hood.
   Head and rounded shoulders bent forward he walks,
   No, trudges the country road I always use
   On my frequent forays into the town.
   Clad in faded camouflage gear he carries
   In one hand a plastic supermarket bag
   While his shoulders tote a flaccid rucksack.
   He is looking neither forward nor sideways,
   But always downwards, he is oblivious
   To the white cow parsley in the verges,
   To the late blackthorn and the may blossom
   Emerging from which a startled blackbird,
   Cackling her alarm call, darts across his face.
   Such strange behaviour, I say to my friends
   Who reply ‘He’s off for his free methadone’,
   Dismissive as if this answer explains all.
   I wonder what lost chances lie in his wake,
   What bitter wind blew dust into his eyes
   Or what errant gene it was that engendered
   This fellow human being’s path of sorrow.
   It’s just a platitude for sure I know
   When I say ‘there but for God’s grace I go’.

This poem was prompted by seeing the man with the hood and also by Millet's painting -Man with a Hoe.
Spectre with a Hood
Resubmitted with picture. Desperation personified.
Ghost-like waifs in ragged shrouds haunt refuse tips
Haggard mothers dry suckle big bellied babes
Beggars, beseeching, stare from sightless sockets
Our brothers and sisters in another land.
Who live in shacks of tin in shanty towns.
Don't tell me about your bloody headache!
The picture is Dresden.
'Solitudinem faciunt et pacem appellant'.
They created a wilderness and called it peace.
Tacitus AD 56 - 117
Roman Senator and Historian on the conquest of Gaul.
A fifth baby hedgehog has now been rescued. Named Hermione from Harry Potter. All are putting on weight on a diet of mealworms and odds and ends. Hermione as the name suggests is female. She has had to be housed separately because she attacks the males.
I learn more about hedgehog behaviour every day.

Friday 24 October
The fifth and smallest baby hedgehog is not doing too well. She was fending for herself for too long outside. Elizabeth is feeding her with a dropper and hoping to pull her round. The others are steadily putting on weight.

Sunday 26 October
Hermione, the latest baby hedgehog died last night. Others still doing well. Hermione had been out in the wild too long and must have suffered the effects of cold and malnutrition.
 Sunday 2 November.
we are now down to the original three hedgehogs that were rescued in good time. Weight is the critical factor. Like most animals they are subject to worms. Our vet doesn't know the right dosage for hedgehogs or even the right medicine. However the survivors are doing well and putting on weight.
Heathcliffe  and one other have now reached sufficient weight to hibernate. They are now in suitable boxes in Elizabeth's garage.
The man at the Hedgehog Rescue Service has had an old boy for some years. It's blind and has three legs only but still lively. Never say die, eh?


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